VoBe Solutions

VoBe Solutions

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VoBe Solutions is a young, ambitious and dynamic organisation. We began life as an electrical installation business but have grown into a company capable of helping you resolve technical challenges through project management. With years of experience behind us in using our approach, we can help you all the way from A to Z.

The Tools unit of VoBe Solutions rents out testing and measuring instruments, enabling you to conduct testing and commissioning trials properly.

We specialise in Energy, Oil and Gas and provide a wide range of:

  • offshore and onshore testing and measuring instruments;
  • testing instruments, calibration apparatus and test equipment for use in the energy, oil and gas industries.

What makes us different?

At VoBe Solutions we get enthusiastic whenever we come up against a technical challenge. Our services are not confined to advice, because we also like the hands-on side of carrying out the work. With you, we will produce a picture of the challenge that needs to be addressed. We look beyond off-the-peg solutions. We will put forward a solution tailored to fit your company. We also apply the principle that if something works well you should keep it. The Tools unit of VoBe Solutions rents out testing and measuring instruments that will enable you to conduct tests and commissioning trials properly. We work with people, for people to achieve a shared goal to make our customers stronger as they go forward into the future.

Building relationships is a key element of our approach. We can’t do it on our own, we need you. If we don’t have the required knowledge in-house, we will go out and get it. Together, we are definitely stronger.

Our core values lie at the heart of our way of working. When carrying out a contract, we focus firmly on achieving results and goals. Integrity and clarity come first with us. In practical terms, it means you get a bespoke solution, one tailored to fit your company and your possibilities.