At VoBe Solutions we help companies from A to Z whenever they face technical challenges. We can be the link between management and work floor. VoBe Solutions is a company that not only provides advice, but also likes to implement it. The Tools unit of VoBe Solutions rents out testing and measuring instruments, enabling you to comply with your contractual obligations. Solutions for you!


Looking for testing and measuring instruments to conduct testing and commissioning trials properly? Then you’ve come to the right people at the Tools unit of VoBe Solutions.

Looking for a specific brand or piece of equipment, but it’s not listed on the website? Contact us for a proposal. We can obtain almost anything that you need for your work.


Your puzzle is our challenge. We recognise that not every company is the same. That’s why we always find the technical and innovative solution best suited to your company. We also apply the principle that if something works well you should keep it.

At VoBe Solutions, your wishes are paramount when we embark on a project to resolve the issue facing you.

VoBe Solutions

VoBe Solutions helps companies from A to Z whenever they face technical challenges. Not just by providing advice, but by implementing it as well. What’s more, at VoBe Solutions we have testing and measuring equipment to help you overcome your challenge. Solutions for you!


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Download here our brochure containing all testing and measuring instruments available at VoBe Solutions.