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The Fluke 709H mA loop calibrator is designed for time saving and high quality results. The 709H offers HART communication and supports a specially selected set of universal and standard HART commands. This makes the 709H is unique: on the one hand an affordable, compact loop calibrator, on the other hand a powerful tool for HART communication.

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The Fluke calibrator 709H is built around a user-friendly interface with a ‘Quick-SET’ encoder knob. This instrument reduces the time of the measurements, or to generate, of voltage or current, and feeding of a loop. The protective holster fits well in the hand of the technician and the large backlit display can be easily read, even in dark, cramped work environments.

The 709H offers the following:

  • Highest accuracy class of 0.01% of reading
  • The rugged compact design operates on (6) standard AAA batteries
  • Intuitive user interface with “Quick-SET ‘button for quick setup and ease of use
  • Built-in selectable 250Ω resistor for HART communication
  • 24 V loop supply with mA measurement mode (-25% to 125%)
  • 1 μA resolution for mA ranges and 1 mV at voltage ranges
  • Simple wire connection for all measurements
  • Auto power off to save battery power (adjustable up to 30 minutes)
  • Variable step and rise time in seconds
  • Adjustable range selection (0 to 20 mA or 4 to 20 mA)
  • Valves test (simulating average mA values ​​with% buttons

    The HART-specific features and capabilities include:

    • Fast transfer of calibration data. The 709H / Track software / cable documents the parameters of all HART transmitters in your plant, in .csv or .txt format.
    • logging or recording data on a specific transmitter for the purpose of troubleshooting. The gegevenslogfunctie has a selectable recording interval of 1 to 60 seconds and a logcapaciteit of 9800 records 99 or separate sessions. Each data group includes the measurement of the 709H, all four process variables and the standard status conditions.

      Fluke Precision 709H HART Loop Calibrator with built-in 250 ohm resistor
      In the communicator mode can read the user’s basic information of the device, perform diagnostic tests and calibration of the most common HART communication set appropriate transmitters. In the past this was only possible with a special communicator, a high-quality multifunction calibrator or a laptop with HART modem. The Fluke 709H practically any mechanic HART devices servicing and support.

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