Minerva MNR 300


The built-in high pressure gas storage system is filled through the appropriate connection. Three separate monitor gauges are mounted to indicate storage system pressure, regulated pressure and pressure at test ports. The maximum test pressure is set using the supply regulator. The test pressure at the two test connections is precisely controlled by two fine metering needle valves and the pressure balanced volume adjuster.

The installed Additel digital pressure gauge displays the test pressure. Externally generated pressures can also be measured via the test connections. The instrument is supplied with quick-connect test and filling hose, a 1⁄4″ NPT male adaptor for the test connection and filling and a refill connector.

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Technical Specifications

Pressure ranges See Additel 68X or 672, digital pressure gauges supported table page 3
Pressure measurement specs See Additel 68X or 672, digital pressure gauges supported table page 3
MNR 300 control range 0 – 25 MPa gauge pressure
Gas storage system 2 x 1 litre capacity, filling pressure limited to 28 MPa, tested to 45 MPa
Monitor gauges 40 mm, analogue, all stainless steel: gas bottle pressure, regulated supply pressure, pressure at test port
Pressure regulator Minerva Model 180 high pressure regulator, Range 0 – 25 MPa
Volume adjuster Minerva Model 90, pressure balanced volume adjuster, displacement 11 cm3 max 67 turn, precise pressure setting to within 100 Pa, stainless steel interior
Needle valves Fine control valve for test pressure inlet and exhaust
Connections Low volume Minimess 1215, quick connect couplings with internal check valve
Test / filling hose Minimess 1215, length 2 meter, including 1⁄4″ NPT male connector
Refill connection For connection to nitrogen bottle, standard RU-3
Quick lock system in lid Quick lock system for storing test hose and test connector
Housing Pelicase. Material: ultra high impact copolymer
Dimensions 405 x 295 x 255 mm (L x W x H)
Weight Approx. 19 kg
Certification Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive (TPED), CE conformity declaration
Accessories included 2 meter test / filling hose, 1⁄4″ NPT male test adaptor, RU-3 refill connection
Documentation included Manual, PED conformity declaration, TPED conformity declaration, CE declaration