Vobe is an all-round consulting and project office where to go for broad business issues. We offer professional solutions and guide you in this process. The requirements and wishes of the client are the base of all the project we do. Together with you, we are looking for targeted solutions for your business. Through the years Vobe gained valuable (technical) knowledge and expertise in a wide area. To achieve the best possible result, we think that an intensive cooperation is very important. Commitment and customization are therefore self-evident. Vobe is a young, ambitious and dynamic organization that thinks in terms of solutions. Flexibility is our top priority, we understand that not every company is the same, and therefore we are looking for a creative and innovative solution that suits your business best. As a reliable partner we always strive for the best results.

    Vobe gets you back on track, from the point you have lost it.

    Taking Care

    Project Management

    Take advantage of the experience of Vobe solutions as your support, contact and director of your overall project. Everything is optimized by us according to your wishes, needs and time.


    VoBe Solutions has the necessary knowledge to support you in your management issues. We pick up your worries at all levels within the management of your organization.


    Vobe Solutions advises and supports all conceivable areas of your business. We speak with everyone in your workplace. By approaching the entire company, we deliver an excellent picture of your strengths and weaknesses of your business and may, where necessary support services.

    Risk Management

    We research, analyze and locate risks within your project or enterprise in which we can give to all the risks that play a consultation with an expert report. By Preventing, Reducing, Outsourcing and Accepting risks, we always have a suitable solution.

    Change Management

    By guiding you in a clear and transparent way, we can ensure that the change is going well in your organization on all fronts. We look at al the 'hard' solutions involving systems with systems integration, we especially look to the 'soft' side of change. By focusing on your employees we can ensure that a change is actually a success and employees concerned and motivated to grow with you.


    Vobe solutions can assist with setting up your own business. With our years of experience and knowledge in starting successful companies we can offer a helping hand at different stages in starting your business. Think about setting up a business plan, starting your administration or a successful strategy.

    Vobe will professionally guide you on the path we set together.


    The customer is a big inspiration for us. Each client has their own needs and we want to provide the best result over and over again. To give you an idea what we've done please check some of the projects below.

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